Sunday, 22 March 2020

About Coronavirus

This government is responsible for decimation our county's infrastructure over the last ten years, cutting back on the NHS , Emergency services , shirking responsibility by "outsourcing" so when coronavirus cam calling we do not have safety measures in place to fight it.

Added to that the panic idiocy of the red tops shepherding the masses into panic buying leaving the vulnerable and poor unable to to buy the basics.

I am lucky enough to have around two weeks supply of every thing I need, and I very seldom do big shops, though there will be people buying for a family of two adults four children and dependent elderly relatives, a full trolley is essential for them.

There is plenty of everything to go round, and the shelves are just being cleared by panic buyers, they are usually restocked fairly rapidly The Red Tops have stoked up panic in our gullible electorate.

Also social isolation doesn't mean having to stay in for most people , it means generally avoiding contact and crowds.

Big companies and corporations have the financial muscle to ride this storm but small traders need support and often they are the ones that have the stuff you need.

So here's my bullet points to survive the:

  • Look after yourself so you can look out for others
  • Act as though you have coronavirus , think you do not want to spread it so avoid unnecessary contact
  • If you are able go out for walks to avoid going stir crazy
  • Use social media and your telephone to keep in contact
  • Wash your hands , soap and hot waters destroys the protective fat cell that protects the virus and kills it
  • Buy enough for yourself, no need to buy anymore , think of others
  • Hand sanitizer is only necessary if you don't have access to soap and water
  • Ask any vulnerable people if they need help
  • Toilet Roll? Seriously ?
  • We can do this, don't panic
I've probably missed loads but luckily this island has enough talent andcaring to get us throughthis, unfortunately none in Westminster.

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