Thursday, 5 July 2018

Facebook A La Kafka

Today I have been banned from commenting or posting on Facebook for 24 hours.

What did I do? I violated their standards or in their words...

How did I do this? Well that was up to me to find out. I trawled through my posts and found a share from IMDB for Peter Greenaway's film "Drowning By Numbers" .

I love Peter Greenaway's films often soundtracked my Michael Nyman's excellent minimalist classical scores, and often full of nudity , sex , disturbing and sometimes gross images, black humour , often suureal and funny dialogue and great casts, in this case Joan Plowright, Juliet Stevenson, Bernard Hill, David Morrisey and Ed Tudor Pole. So naturally I wanted to share.

To that you go to IMDB , check in to wherever you want to be and make a comment.

That was what I did.

The image below is what I think (I can cannot be certain) transgressed their rules. If you zoom in to the lady in the pool, there is a suggestion of a female nipple.
Drowning By Censors

There was an opportunity to defend the post and say what had happened. I did this but Facebook just said I couldn't submit my response. See below. It's almost Kafkaesque the fact that there is no option to discuss this, and it's possible that this has happened to lots of people.

I accept that we don't want anything unacceptable but I have subjected to skinned and mutilated animals, guns and knives being used on people, violent hate videos, anti Muslim, anti immigrant and inordinate profanities which all seem to be acceptable even when I complain.

I know mistakes are made but the can't be rectified if there is no mechanism to rectify those mistakes.

I know Facebook is "free" it's paid for by the barrage of advertising, and I accept that, it's like adverts that keeps commercial television and radio free.

I'm not going to kick up a fuss, just writing this to share my exasperation.

Why is the female nipple seen as such a threat, as Dave Allen said, what if they had chosen the nose to be so indignant about.

If you were to answer the door naked the first time I'd be surprised, the tenth time it would be "Coffee, milk no sugar".