Sunday, 21 July 2019

How Do We Stop The Idiocracy?

Before you read any further I don't have an answer.

We are supposed to live in a democracy , but when the people who actually vote are effectively controlled by a handful of media companies are we really in a democracy.

I'm continually told by people that Trump is a great businessman, and when I counter this with his bankruptcies , racism, sexual harassment people just switch off.

People tell me that the tories are the Fiscally responsibly party and when I argue that they have destroyed this country's infrastructure by selling it off and pocketing the profits they eith switch off or point to the red top headlines.

When I ask for a positive of Brexit I am told there's too many immigrants in hospitals, it's stop the muslims and pakistanis coming in, you never know it might be really good. On the basis of a pack of advertising lies a 52% vote to takes out of the world's largest free trade bloc (along with all the other benefits that has brought - 80 years of European peace, free movement) and the idiocracy are not bothered or call me a traitor.

I know someone who was on benefits and finding things very hard, yest still voted Tory at the last election because The Sun said so. This is the idiocracy.

The only hope is to educate people to consider what they are doing, wbut when we have people like Michael Gove saying we don't experts and people then quoting him and an example we know why we are where we are.

It's funny, when at work and there is a major IT problem they don't go to the cleaners or the doorman to sort it out, they always come to me, yet for the running of the country put their trust in idiots like Bojo , the poundshop Trump who will have us at war with Iran.

I do wish the idiocracy will one day become a thinking democracy.

I've included the Carole Cadwalladr talk on how Facebook facilitated the Brexit vote.