Saturday, 21 January 2017

The World Just Became A Reality TV Show

Donald Trump is in The Whitehouse. We shouldn't be too surprised . Trump was on the Apprentice. If Simon Cowell stood for Prime Minister in the UK he'd win by a landslide, because let's face , most of the electorate are at a level where they will do what their rag of choice (The Sun,The Mail or Express in the UK, Fox News and The National Enquirer in the USA) tells them.

Many of his supporters laud him as a "businessman" ignoring his continuous failures and being bailed out (see here)

Making inappropriate sexual comments about girls as young as ten (see here)

Misogyny and Sexual Harassment of Women (see here)

Racist Harassment and incidents (See here) the Brexit vote endorsed the same in the UK

Mocking the disabled (See here)

Any one of these incidents would get me sacked but the electorate seem to view these as a benefit.

People say that it doesn't stop him doing the job, and all politicians are the same.

He claims he is going to create jobs when his own companies use non USA labour. (see here)

So being on the Apprentice qualifies you for US President (unless you are non white or a woman)

I've included PJ O'Rourke on Trump vs Clinton, he is Right Wing and voted Democrat.

Today is not a good day.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

I'm Finding It Difficult

A lot of people who I'd consider my friends , who I worked with, are singing the praises of  Donald Trump as a straight talker and a business man. When I say but what about the sexual assaults , the lurid sexual comments towards children, the denigration of disabled people, the racism, the misogyny, the bankruptcies , the fraud, they retort with "It doesn't stop him from doing a good job".

By the same token we could but Jimmy Saville and Gary Glitter in charge of a kindergarten class and Peter Sutcliffe in charge of a women's refuge.

Everyone mentioned in this post is vile and despicable, and Nigel  Farage belongs there for his racism, misogyny and idiocy.

If you have a good word for any of these just unfriend me on Facebook.

Pop Will Eat Itself are more appropriate by the second.