Sunday, 14 August 2016

Taking Back Control

They Did It ... The took Back Control
I'm not saying anything about the situation, but I heard a great allegory for the "Taking Back Control" situation yesterday which I have adapted because it was made by someone far more intelligent and eloquent that I (or should it be me).

The Taking Back Control bit of Brexit and be analogised thus:

You can't drive so you take the taxi.

But you think how much this is costing you and your not happy.

Some unelected body (the taxi driver) is taking you home (because you gave him a mandate to by getting in his taxi) and you are getting madder and madder

You have no idea what you are going to do, no ability to actually drive, but the voices in your head tell you this is YOUR opportunity to take back control

So you shove him out the way , grab the wheel and you, the driver and the taxi veer off the road into the river.

Then you blame the driver and the people laughing on the river bank.

I think that's accurate.

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